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Known for feats like giving birth to the first successful “in vitro” fertilized test tube baby, Louis Brown, the Royal Oldham Hospital, located near Oldham Town Center, around eight miles from East Manchester City, has yet another achievement to add to its repertoire.

It is about to get a new addition in the form of a special support center for cancer patients. Maggie’s, an organization renowned for its Cancer care charity work, has secured the permission to build this support center, its second project in Greater Manchester. Maggie’s Center is to be “a house full of surprises,” the architects of the commissioned dRMM firm, explained while throwing some light onto the details of the subject.

The building is supported on slender columns which provide an elegantly sophisticated aura to the place. Enhancing the atmosphere is a sloped garden which gives way to airy rooms very picturesquely framed by Palm and Birch trees, infusing the air with lovely fragrances and a fresh feeling. There is also a rainwater pool, discovered underneath the building, which reflects the whole arrangement providing a symmetrically pleasing visual.

Natural, is what the building is, for there are trees in and all around it. The structure grows into trees, maximizing the concept of the whole design, that of it being more about the content than the form. Any visitor who enters the premises, gets unexpected surprises on the way, first a timber construction filled with daylight and natural air, a reflective pool ahead and then to the sloped garden of delights. The whole project uses timber and glass as the principle materials.

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