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The Masséna most inherited its name from Paris’ Masséna region in the southeastern 13th arrondissement, where the project is located. The project was designed after some alterations and revisions in urban regulations allowed for the construction of residential and office towers measuring up to 50 and 180 meters tall respectively. It was completed in early 2015.

The €24.5 million residential development is made up of two towers, one taller than the other, but functions as one single building while offering the option of private home ownership or social housing. The ambitious mixed-use project consists of 96 private apartments, 92 social housing units. These are distributed through the two high-rise blocks, one of the 14 storeys and one of the 17 storeys, where housing tenure is differentiated. These blocks are placed on a common base where shops are located.Furthermore, the dwellings range from 1 to 5 room apartments and each one has its own unique identity and individuality through the different sizes and typologies used. This is something we rarely see on residential blocks where repetition is usually everywhere in order to minimise the cost and make the project fit it the local urban skin.

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