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The FPT University campus designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects contrives a rare beauty, known only to forests and hills. Plants will grow out of all the voids in the building, from balconies, rooftops, walkways and the courtyard creating a resplendence of harmony with nature. The campus will cover net area of 22500 square-meter. The project has been proposed to be built in the middle of concrete skyscrapers of Ho Chi Minh city.

To create this one of a kind design, the building is low in height at the centre and the number of floors increases in steps as it approaches the corners, seeming like a gathering of hills. This form creates a perfect contrast against the typical vertical blocks in the city. Balconies have been staggered in between floors. Greenery seeps into the building from the central court through the circulation wells. When completed, it will become new icon of sustainability in the city.

The objective is to provide fresh air for the occupants, passive shading to the building and reducing mechanical means of maintaining moderate temperature in the campus. Basic aims are providing semi-open interacting spaces for meetings, lunches and events for up to 5000 students at a time.

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