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Soil & Water is a consortium of companies including Design and Developments Group which have come together to design, construct and project management. Soil & Water Group is a dynamic and experienced commercial and residential firm based in Melbourne and Tehran, led by two directors, who are passionate about Architecture and Construction.



Soil & Water Group have quickly built an impressive portfolio across a broad section of project types including: single and commercial enterprises. Soil & Water Design exemplifies a thoughtful design aesthetic; responding to complex building constraints to achieve results that embody space, form and detail that are engaging, surprising, contemporary, efficient and relevant. With a rich history of collaborations between the practice, and a variety of talented designers, lighting specialists, bespoke furniture builders and graphic designers, our company brings extraordinary results to each venture.


Soil & water Design Group believe that environmental sustainability and energy efficient building principles are integral to “Suitable Design” with the intention to improve quality of life and cost into the future. This design process 1) Site and context analysis 2) Concept design 3) Design development can reduce their home’s running costs, minimizing energy and water use, such as increasing access to natural daylight and selecting suitable energy efficient products and water saving options.


Soil & Water Group offer Architecture, Construction and Development services to the property and construction industry.


Part of the Soil & Water Group of companies, one of Australia’s most trusted companies is called Soil & Water Developments Group, which lead a tight-knit team who are tuned with an understanding of client/developer needs and requirements regarding Project Management, Construction Management and Commerce.

We take a continuous improvement approach to property development, management and maintenance, and pride ourselves on having a reputation for consistently delivering work to the highest standard and on time.


Starting out as a Design and Development companies in Melbourne, Soil & Water Group have evolved into a thriving, multi-faceted business that is revolutionising home building and achieving excellence across a diverse range of industries.